Book Review: 'Write Your Book in a Flash,' Dan Janal

I'm a collector of productivity books, especially ones that promise to help me become a faster, better, more prolific author.

Of fiction.

Dan Janal's quick, concise, yet comprehensive "Write Your Book in a Flash" is THE go-to writing productivity book for would-be writers.

Of non-fiction.

It's not just writers of poetry, plays, and stories who have a burning desire to express themselves through the printed--or--digitized word. We've all got something to share. But if you're not a "creative" writer, where do you turn?

Dan Janal's "Write Your Book in a Flash."

Janal promises to give non-authors everything thing they need to write a book in order to ultimately reach their BUSINESS goals, and he delivers. He does so in a straightforward, step-by-step, linear way, without all the mystery and magical thinking fiction writers love so much.

He wants his readers to get the job--a book--done and get back to business. That includes building a book like it's a promotional product, then marketing it as a way of establishing expertise in your field, building credibility, and standing out from amongst a field of competitors. And then incidentally make some extra money, get speaking engagements, and contribute to the community.

First, he establishes his own credibility as the go-to-guy for creating this type of book. Then he breaks it down, including many techniques that will also benefit fiction writers ready to come down from the clouds for a minute and learn about productivity.

It's all here, from getting a macro view of the project, focusing the message, outlining and structure (yes, non-fiction books follow arcs as well), creating the front and back matter, and using stories (there IS a fiction component) to illustrate the points you want to make.

Janal covers several topics that most people--even fiction writers--don't even know they're supposed to think about, like repurposing blog posts, lectures and other content, book design, collaboration, and more.

I suspect that fiction writers tend to be farther ahead in navigating the indie-publishing game than non-fiction writers. If you're primarily a business-person for whom writing a book would be an adjunct activity, not the prime focus, you don't want to get bogged down learning a whole new industry.

"Write Your Book in a Flash" is a paint-by-numbers guidebook for people who don't consider themselves professional authors but have something to say, are looking for the best way to get that message out there, and supercharge their primary business interests.

CLICK HERE to purchase a copy of Dan Janal's "Write Your Book in a Flash" in Kindle (at a really good price) or paperback. Check out his FB page at


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